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  • Auf Facebook berichtet Albatross Flying Systems dass sie P&M Aviation übernehmen.

    Update (auch aus Facebook):

    In case you have not read the BMAA Newsletter...Good news on the P&M story.

    P&M bought by Indian company

    P&M has been bought by Indian microlight manufacturer Albatross Flying Systems, which will have a dealer in the UK.

    According to MF sources, Albatross plans to keep existing aircraft flying as a priority, then produce the QuikR, GT450 and Quantum, but not the PulsR or HypeR, whose high price and low sales were part of the reason for P&M′s decline and fall.

    Albatross MD Javad Hassan, who′s been designing flexwings since 1986 and founded Albatross in 1999, will meet the UK dealer at the P&M factory at Manton in Wiltshire within days and make an inventory of stock.

    “There′s obviously quite a bit of stock of spares which have already been approved in there, so as a first priority we′ll be trying to get CAA approval as soon as possible to supply those to existing customers and keep their aircraft flying,” said the dealer, who was approached by Albatross to be its agent in the UK.

    A respected figure in the UK microlight industry for years, the dealer has asked MF not to reveal his name until the agreement is finalised. “I′m working with former Pegasus MD Bill Sherlock and liaising with the CAA to get A8-1 manufacturing approval, although that could take six months to a year,” he said.

    Full story in your next MF.

    Geoff Hill, Editor

    vom Scottish Aero Club bei FB

  • P&M Press Release 

    (PDF auf Englisch)

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