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  • Hello

    I′m a new owner of UL aircraft [FlySynthesis Storch], I′m also new in Germany and I don′t speak German.

    I′m looking for a way to do technical inspection of this aircraft [yearly inspection passed 3 months ago].

    I′m located in Frankfurt am Main and aircraft is located near Frankfurt Airport, stored in closed hangar-trailer [can be unfolded and cranked/started for inspection in my company warehouse].

    Currently it have German registration numbers, I would like to register it in my name after purchase, but I was told I need actual technical inspection to do that.

    If someone could give me some contact to technical inspector I would be extremely grateful.

    I′m also looking for AeroClub located near Frankfurt, that would accept new member.

    Thanks in advance, Remi

  • I will send you a PM.

  • Thank you Oliver_K for info about inspectors.

    Second question to forum users is still active. I′m looking for aeroclub/airfield near Frankfurt where I could store my trailer with plane, plane is folded, and I don′t really need hangar space, just spot to park trailer.

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